Learning Online Business in Your 40’s

If you think it’s too late, Let’s Have a Talk….

First, let me tell you, congratulations on finding this article.

I am here in hopes to shine some light on your fears and remind you…. it’s not too late! If you have a burning desire to travel, to have control over your schedule, or just express your creativity online, don’t let your fears of learning new skills scare you at any age.

Right before turning 40, I decided to make a career change. I knew my life would be making some major changes. The fear of the unknown started presenting itself as an emotional roller coaster. One day I was thrilled about my new business, and then the next day scared to death! Transitioning from a career in the dental field for 25 years, into the online world was terrifying!

How in the world will I figure all this out? Oh NO, I must create my website? But I don’t know how… let alone how to post anything on that website. Wow, talking about being scared.

I believe to be successful at anything, at any age, you must be clear why you are doing what you are doing. If you are not clear, fear can easily find its way into your head to sabotage and make you question your progress. But when you identify why you want to be location independent, and why it’s so important to you, learning becomes just a process that will bring your “Why” to life.

It’s Never Too Late if You Know Your Why!

We all have different reasons why we decide to start an online business. But honestly, why do you want to be an online entrepreneur? Why do you want to be your own boss?

For me, it was the freedom to travel. Traveling was my lifelong dream and I knew, only an online business could provide me with the type of flexibility I was looking for.


What is your “Why”?



Yes, some days you might forget your why, but as soon as you remember, it will lift you up and will help you keep you going throughout the day.  On the days when it gets hard, remember it only feels hard because you forgot why you started in the first place.

Remember, learning can be challenging at any age, but this should never stop you from following your hearts true desires! 


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