Steps on How to Build a Profitable Amazon Niche Site

When it comes to how to make money online, there are dozens of options at your disposal. You can build a niche blog and use affiliate marketing, build and sell software, find freelance clients and sell your services or start an e-commerce site and sell physical products. However, a lot of people who choose an affiliate marketing model prefer building an Amazon Affiliate niche site because it is relatively easy to start.

An Amazon niche site is a blog or website that focuses on promoting Amazon products. When customers click through the links on the site and purchase products from Amazon, the owner of the site earns a commission fee. If you are thinking about building a profitable Amazon niche site, here are the easy steps you will need to follow.


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1. Choose a profitable Amazon niche 

You need to choose a low-competition profitable niche to make good money with Amazon affiliate marketing. Since you will be promoting products on your site to earn commissions, make sure enough people are searching for the product. Ideally, you should find a niche that is not overly competitive and one that has several related physical products.

2. Perform keyword research 

Keyword research is a crucial step to building an affiliate marketing site. Some of the popular keyword research tools you can use to find profitable keywords include Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, SEMrush and Ahrefs.

3. Choose a relevant domain

Choosing the best domain name for your Amazon affiliate marketing site is very critical. Since potential visitors tend to forget complicated domain names, your domain name should be short, have a clear pronunciation and be easy-to-type. Avoid domain names with obscure terms or strings of words and make sure the name is available on social media sites. You can also choose an expired domain name as they have an edge when it came to ranking your articles.

4. Pay for web hosting 

With an adequately researched niche and a domain name, the next step is to pay for web hosting. Some of the top web hosting companies you can consider include HostGator web hosting, GoDaddy web hosting, and Bluehost web hosting. Depending on your technical skills and available resources, you can choose either shared hosting plans or cloud VPS web hosting plans.

5. Article writing and content building

The next step of building your niche site is to publish blog posts and informative articles. Profitable articles are product reviews with affiliate links and you will need to write detailed and highly informative product reviews that stimulate your readers to click on the links and purchase the products on Amazon. Writing helpful and informative content is the key...

6. Build links to your site 

The purpose of any affiliate niche site is to make money. However, you have to build links to rank your product reviews for you to make money from your Amazon niche site. You can build links through profile links, blog commenting and forum posts backlinks.

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