What Is Judgment – How To Stop Judging

Judgment… What is it? And how it keeps us imprisoned and stuck in an undesirable life.

I believe we teach what we most need to learn… Let me share with you – what I have learned so far and keep discovering about judgment.

How it keeps us from experiencing and expressing our full potential…


I hope you find this article inspirational and helpful on your journey.

What Is Judgment And How You Learned It?

I see judgment as a way to compare and contrast situations, people, events, etc. with a set of beliefs we learned.

These beliefs might of bin formed before you even knew how to filter someone else’s ideas. Eventually, beliefs passed down to you in the form of emotion, that is brought out in a particular situation, event, circumstance, etc.

For example, you see a stranger on the street that dressed a certain way, and all of a sudden – your brain triggers an emotional response(judgment) based on your conditioning about this particular closing style.

Possibly when you were a little child, your mom has told you that wearing a short skirt is inappropriate and only “slutty” girls dress like that. Believe it or not, you were preconditioned to believe that girls who dress like that are “sluts.” Ouch…

Thankfully as we grow up, we start to see a bigger picture of the world and unlearn those beliefs that do not serve us.


Why We Judge Ourselves and Others?

We judge because we feel that’s “the only thing” at the moment that will give us validation to our belives.  Most of the time it happens unconsciously and on autopilot…

Next time stop and notice what made you judge someone or something. You will be amazed at how silly our judgmental decisions are.

Judging will never be our way out into happiness. When we judge, we automatically accept that there is a difference between you and me, that or the other. But when you learn to look at situations without judgment, you will lose the urge to be critical of others.

Have you tried to stop the judgment, but you seem to fail at it doesn’t matter how hard you try?

The good news, there is a way to stop this horrible habit if you are willing to be ok with not being right all the time.

If you find need to judge others(need to be right), remember, you only judging because there is a part of you that still believes it deserves the judgment.

We judge others to point out their flaws to cover up our own “imperfections.” We point a finger to others to prevent being accused or ridiculed.

We are scared to admit that we have insecurities and fears, and because of that, we feel a need to defend ourself in the form of judgment.


How To Stop Judging?

You can’t entirely stop judging because we need some discernment in our life so we can make the necessary daily choices.

But if you ready… and wish to learn how to prevent an unwanted destructive judgment that cripples you from living your full life…

Here is how:

  • Accept that you have a judgment habit that no longer serves you.

All habits can be changed, so is your disturbing pattern of judgment.

  • Take a very close look at your insecurities and see what part in you needs your acceptance, and start there.

Pay attention to your self-judgment.

We can’t judge others if we fully accept our imperfections for what they are. You were made uniquely with all of our “flaws” and “imperfections” to experience life as it is.

  • Don’t be afraid of your flaws. We all do have them! They are the “perfect imperfections” that got us where we are now!

And if you no longer wish to experience life a certain way, you can always make the necessary changes to your belief system. But judging yourself and others will only be reflected in the form of destructive surroundings, that need to be judged or rejected.

  • Interact with others without attaching any judgment.

We all have our own set of beliefs. Allow others to have theirs. You can’t change what others believe by judging. So, why bother?

After all, you can’t stop judging until you change how you believe about judging itself.

You are a writer of your own life story… You get to choose to judge or to accept!

Are you ready to live your story where judgment has no room at all?


No Judgment For Just 7 Days – See What Happens

I challenge you to experience a week of non-judgment.

For just short seven days, be mindful of your daily judgment patters.

It doesn’t matter if you keep slipping up and find yourself judging again, remind yourself very so kindly to accept the present moment just as it is.

You will be amazed by how your week will become more peaceful and calm without the need to be right.

And soon, you will find your life, mindful…

I wish you the best on your journey!


XX and Love,

Irina Kirilyuk



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