How To Change My Life for The Better?

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Just look at nature, and it should give you clues to the ways change might be effortless. The beautifully colored autumn leaves tend not to hang on to the thee for dear life…

No, they yield into the change with ease and float gently off of the tree.

Clear your mind from unhealthy habits and thoughts

Are there things in your life that should be gently eased from out of your life? Maybe there are unhealthy relationships, patterns, or thought that must be removed.  Don’t be afraid to do a little spring cleaning in your own life. 

Every gardener knows that unless all roots removed, we truly aren’t removing the problem. What are you holding on to that needs your attention right now?

Maintain clean and Weeds – Free mind

The weeds in our mind, of course, are negative thoughts that like to creep in and keep us from achieving the type of life we are striving for.

Even though when harvest time is ready, the gardener does not stop weeding the garden. Right? Then why you let your mind drown in the weeds of negativity and regrets?

Your mind needs constant attention to flourish and feel alive.

Change your thinking – Change your life

How can we change the inner attitudes of our mind?

By changing the way we think. We must put fear and negativity behind us. The fear is so crippling to so many of us. We fear things that never happened to us and probably never will. Just think about this for a moment, it’s almost absurd!

If you refuse to understand this and live in constant fear, you will live a fearful life! Period.

To free yourself of fear and anxiety is to realize that fear is not real; it’s only a thought, you just happened to be so attached to, at this particular moment. 


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Learn how to manage the fear 

learning from your fears

As soon as you realize that you are in control, it’s a lot easier to manage the fear and anxiety. Learn and practice how to observe the fear and just let it flow away in the air, just like the autumn leaves, leaving the trees.

  • Observe your fear without attaching to it or judging it
  • See it for what it is – just a thought
  • Now bring your attention fully into the now moment
  • Observe the present moment – remind yourself that you just have a bad habit of worrying but you are learning to change that
  • Create new patternschange your state of mind by listening to positive, inspirational material, exercise, cook, dance, sing, play an instrument, etc. Just do whatever brings you joy, to break the pattern.

Explore and try New things

If you stuck and not sure how to create a new habit – explore. This is your time to find out what you love!

Start compiling a list of all the things that you thought might be interesting for you to learn about or something you always wanted to try.   

Just let your creative mind flow, experiment, and try new things. The change doesn’t have to be always painful; you just have to utilize the tools.

Old believes and outdated patterns (that no longer serve you), need to be replaced with a new practical habit, or you will never leave the worry habit alone.  

Choose to remain mindful of old, hopeless habits, and start replacing them with new and useful ones. 

Be patient with yourself and kind. Remember, just like any bad habit; it takes time to unlearn it…

Don’t get frustrated if you take yourself out of fear, and a few moments later get sucked back into the “dark” again. Keep practicing your new habits, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will regain your power back.  

Promise yourself and commit to being in control, by paying attention to your feelings at all times. 

Just like autumn leaves fall to make way for a new life, change is inevitable for us. Then why fight it?

Don’t be afraid of change; instead, learn how to flow with life!



Get it FREE Today “Mindfulness Daily” brings you a 40-day FREE training in mindfulness meditation. Start your unique journey today…

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