When you Google “how to find your passion“, over 956,000,000 search results show up! No one has time to look through even one-tenth of those results. So what is a person who is looking for their passion supposed to do?

Luckily, you can do one or several things to find your passion. Those things can be found in this post. Whether you decide to do one suggestion at a time or do a couple at once, you should feel better knowing that you have a plan to find the thing or even things that you’re supposed to do with your life.


Remember what you loved to do as a child

When you were five years old, what were the things that you loved to do more than anything? Was it singing along to your parent’s favorite albums? Or could you lose several hours just coloring in your coloring books? Did you and your best childhood friend put on plays for your baby sibling?

Whatever it is that you loved to do in childhood, you have probably never lost your love for that activity. For example, if you loved to sing when you were a kid, look into taking voice lessons. It doesn’t mean that you have to be on “The Voice”. Many adults don’t make a job out of their passions. Instead, they make a fulfilling life out of them.

Work your “idea muscles”

This suggestion comes from author, investor, entrepreneur, and podcast host James Altucher. Altucher says that to find your passion, this process can merely involve getting up in the morning and writing down ten ideas every single day.

When he says to write down ten ideas every day, he doesn’t mean write down ten “good” ideas. Altucher actually says that most of your ideas will be really bad at first. But you don’t do this task expecting to come up with the next Instagram. You do this so that you work your “idea muscles”. Who knows? After writing down ten ideas for a couple of days, you could come up with any number of things, from a new invention to that great new app with which everyone is obsessed.

Create Your Perfect Day Exercise

If you’re familiar with self-help exercises at all, then you may already know this one. But if you still need to find your passion, it still might be a good idea to do it. It’s called “Perfect Day Exercise.

Get in a comfortable position and imagine all the details of your perfect day. Start from when you wake up and go through each part of the morning, afternoon and evening. What are you doing throughout this 24-hour period? Get as detailed as possible in your visualization exercise, let your creative mind flow. This exercise can often give you clues that will eventually help you and guide you to on the pathfinding your passion.

Let Nature Nurture and Guide You

Unlike the other suggestions on this list, you may not have expected this one. But as we spend time in our cars in urban environments 24/7/365, it’s not hard to slowly get away from who we really are as people. That’s why those who experience anxiety about finding their passion would do good to spend time in nature.

Whether you decide to go on a one-day hiking trip or a three-day camping excursion, make sure that you bring your journal. You definitely don’t want to miss any epiphanies while you watch the sunset in the mountains. It is in moments like this that you can really get a sense of what you were put on this earth to do.

Don’t Be Afraid – Experiment!


muddy artist hands

Experimenting with new and different activities can be a fun way to find your life passions. For example, let’s say that you decide to try painting. You may not interested in becoming an elite best-known artist that sells his paintings for money. But that’s okay. But you might find fun and muddy way to spend a Saturday afternoon. But you never know where your passions could show up, so be on the lookout.

Let Learning be You Friend – At Any Age

There are some experts who believe that adults over the age of 25 have a hard time learning anything new. Well, that’s complete and utter rubbish. Throw yourself into learning a new language, learning how to write computer code, or even how to draw. By throwing yourself into learning a new skill, you can not only prove these “experts” wrong. In the process, you could also find your passion. And always remember learning is not for young once!

The day you stop learning is the day you stop your passion prisoner inside of you!

Be present and Grateful in the Now

Everyone has an activity or two in which when they engage in it, they lose all track of time. When you do this task, you have no troubles with concentration and focus. You’ll also feel a distorted sense of time, as well as experiencing a lack of awareness of things like needing a glass of water or needing to go to the bathroom. Now that’s passion!

If you really think that you never experience the state of what positive psychology experts call “flow”, think again. Try an experiment. Get a notebook and a pen. For one week, write down all the activities that you do. Under each activity, rate your level of engagement from 1 (not engaged at all) to 10 (completely engaged). After the week concludes, take the activities that seemed to take most of your attention and focus. Try to do more of these tasks the next week.



But most importantly of it all, be Grateful for what you already have in your life right now. You’ve built your life up to this moment, so be kind to yourself and appreciate the smallest events and moments in your life daily routine while you figuring out your next step.

It takes some trial and error, and sometimes outright failure. But by continuing on your path to discover your unique passions, you’ll not only have a lot of fun. But you’ll also find out your true purpose, which is worth all the trial and error in the world.

You may be thinking… when is the right time to start finding your passion? I say why not now, today! Take one tip and implement it today in your day!

Please, share what helped you to find your passion! 😉


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  1. Hi Irina,
    I just read your “stop judge” post and I loved it , well said!
    To be aware of my beliefs is sometimes difficult, but we all have tools for it. My best tool to get my mind straight is every time I got frustrated or irritated of something then I know I have to reflect and NOT react! That stops me judging and I grow with my reflections every time.
    Best Regards,

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