Mindful Gift Ideas For All Occasions

Are you searching for the perfect gift?

Gifts are lovely when they are given with love and meaning!
You probably received many gifts in your life that just of no use to you. But because it was given by someone special, you felt guilty to get them out of your life…
I believe in giving with love and only meaningful gifts on all occasions.

No matter who you are giving your gift to – Remember… No one wants a useless present.


Here are some mindful gift ideas for you …

♥ Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Inspirational Messages

– Morning Sunshine Reason to Smile

perfect gift for a friend
Keepsake Gift Jar by KindNotes




Surprise someone special with the inspirational gift of KindNotes, a thoughtful gift packed with positivity and encouragement. For those everyday occasions when you want to show gratitude, share inspiration, and shower praise, give the powerful gift of uplifting words.


Whether the recipient chooses to open one each day, all at once, or whenever they need to feel good vibes, your notes of encouragement are likely to be read over and over again—and cherished forever.

This is the most adorable and inspirational gift ever!

And perfect self-gift as well!

Check out all fantastic Inspirational Jar options Here…


♥ n.o.w. Tone Therapy Anywhere You Go!

N.O.W. stands for New Origin Waveforms—unique, created in-the-moment sequences of peaceful tones based on the ancient Pythagorean tuning system used for sound healing. In just 3 minutes you’ll feel re-focused, re-energized, and ready to face the day’s challenges more calmly.

  • Why 3 minutes? n.o.w.’s aural neuromodulation tone sequences are very effective in just 3 minutes. Experienced meditators say n.o.w. gives the benefits of a 30-minute meditation session in just 3 minutes. This length makes it quick and easy for you to enjoy 3 minutes of mental self-care, twice a day.
  • Can I use a speaker by itself? No, both n.o.w. speakers must be used together in order to achieve maximum benefits.
  • Can I use these as regular speakers? No, n.o.w. is a dedicated, easy-to-use, single-function Tone Therapy System for mindfulness meditation.
  • Can’t I just listen online? No, there is nothing like n.o.w. available online. Each speaker plays a new tone sequence each time it is used, creating a completely original sound-moment when played together. The tones themselves are very pure, and we’ve developed speakers that play these tones with absolute fidelity and interact with the room in which n.o.w. is used.
  • Is this a sound machine? No, n.o.w. is not a white noise or sleep machine. n.o.w. stands for New Origin Waveforms—pure sine wave tones that shift your focus to a calm, relaxed state in just 3 minutes.


♥ Consider a gift that potentially will change a life…


Free Gift - How to stop worrying

In this 3-part Video Series, you will learn:


    VIDEO #1

    Do you ever have difficulty with the things your mind tells you? In this opening video, Michael explores the struggle to “fix inner problems using the outside world” and the consequences of an out-of-control mind.

    VIDEO #2

    Each one of us has an incredibly brilliant and beautiful mind when we’re using it the way it was intended. In his second video, Michael reveals the more profound, intuitive, and creative levels of the mind that are universally accessible.

    VIDEO #3

    In this final video, Michael reveals a transformational inner process of “spiritual purification,” where we release unconscious patterns to restore the natural flow of our energy.