Who’s in Control of Your Emotions?

who's in control of your emotions
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Have you ever blamed someone for hurting your feelings?

Most likely… Right?

But have you ever wondered, how you learned to allow others, to affect your emotions?

Sometimes we forget to pause and think; instead… we respond to the situations on autopilot.

When your emotions have an impact, it’s hard to take charge and not let emotions destroy you.

Are you guilty of living in the “victim” mode?

Identifying False Beliefs

First, you need to accept that you have bought into the wrong set of beliefs and views that are no longer benefiting you…

Realizing that you are in charge is one of the freeing feelings you can possess.

You are in control, and you are … the gatekeeper to your emotions.

You can let hurtful words of others hit you like a brick and injure you, or you can take the block out of their hands and use it – to build the life you love...

What do I mean by that?

You Get to Interpret the message…

Words on its own are just that! Words…

They can’t hurt you or me; they require our assistance.

In order to get triggered by the words, first, we must attach mining to the message.

When your ego gets hurt, pay close attention…

Pay close attention to the meaning and significance you are attaching to the message.

What emotions are getting triggered and confused?

Remember, you get to interpret the words of others!

You Get to Choose!

Our past will always try to control how we respond to situations today. Old trauma and pain, we carry over the years, have a lot to do with the meaning we attach to the messages today.

How crazy is that!

Holding on to old disappointments and misfortunes will only bring alike.

You are the only one who can choose to identify the triggers and let old trauma and guilt fall away.

Determine how you are going to let others influence your emotions.

End the blame game and initiate the opportunity to start accepting responsibility for your choices…

Forgive them as they didn’t know how they got swayed by the misleading beliefs they acquired… Forgive and let go!

You get to choose how to act and how to react in any given situation.

Choose wisely!



Irina Kirilyuk


P.S. you are in control of your emotions...  :)


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The Power of Focus… It Can Destroy or Empower Your Life

the power of focus

You Get in Life What You Focus On

We all desire a happy and meaningful life… that’s just our nature.

What we focus our attention and thoughts on, all day long, is what will determine our outcome in life.

Pay close attention to the feelings and thought you are thinking in your day.

What are you telling to yourself?

Are they thoughts of encouragement and upliftment or thoughts of hate, doubt, fear, and regret?

Buy focusing and dwelling on regrets, pitty, and guilt.. your life becomes a heavy burden that drains your energy down.

you get in life what you focus on

Stop the Vicious Cycle and Let Yourself Free!

Living your life in fear and regret is not what we came here to do.

We can easily change the state of mind and redirect our focus in the direction we want to go, by laser focusing all our attention on the desired outcome and solutions.

Start looking at your life through the lens of hope and possibilities, to stop the vicious cycle of your current patterns.

Fear, doubt and regrets will never get you to the life you dream of.

It All Starts With a Choice

I believe this is the most overlooked piece of the puzzle in a peaceful and fulfilled life

You have a choice…

To take action or not to make a move.
To forgive or to be bitter.
To insult or to be kind.

It’s at those subtle moments you presented with an opportunity to make a choice.

You can’t choose for others, but you can for yourself.

Today, choose to direct your focus into the direction you want to go!


Irina Kirilyuk

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