Signs You’re Ready to Quit Your Job and Start a New Business

With the rise of the gig economy, it’s easier than ever now to start your own online business. You can easily channel something you are passionate about into an online service and make money by connecting with clients from around the world. For those who are passionate about travel, want more time for their hobbies, or just enjoy the flexibility of working from home, this is an opportunity worth looking into. Here are some signs it’s time to give up your 9 to 5 and pursue a location independent business online.

You feel stuck in your current position

There comes a point in most careers where you run out of upward momentum for some reason or another. Maybe there isn’t a clear path in your organization for you to advance, or maybe you’ve reached the upward limit of where your skills will take you in that particular position. Alternatively, maybe you just feel bored with what you’re doing and want to try something different. Regardless of what’s causing the feelings, if you’re feeling stifled at work, switching to the digital nomad lifestyle can help you find your motivation again. 

You have outside interests that fulfill you

In order to quit your current job, you need to have other interests that you can channel into a new online business. You’re taking a big risk when starting a new career, so it’s very important that that risk be for something that you care about and are emotionally invested in. Working online is fun, but it can also be very challenging, and if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, it might not be worth it. You need to be very self-motivated to succeed on your own.

You have some money saved up

There is a learning curve to working online, so it’s helpful to have a bit of money saved up before quitting your job. This will give you time to explore different online business options and see what suits you best. Ideally, you should already have the foundation for your online business in place before quitting your job.


Starting a new business online business is very exciting and rewarding. Are you ready to explore some possibilities available online today? 



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