Change Your Habits – Change Your Life

change your habits to change your life

Change is an inevitable part of life… We change every single day. Life just can’t happen without it… Your body and mind constantly going through change and that’s what makes life possible.

Today you are not the same person you were yesterday. If you continue to fight and resist change, your life can only lead you to struggles and disappointment.

Stop fighting change… learn to appreciate it! Without change, life is not possible!

Step out of your comfort zone


get outside comfort zone

Who wants a dull and boring life?  No one, of course.

What is stopping you from making changes in your life?

In order to break free and see the change, you must step out of the comfort zone. Staying in the comfort zone created just that, a life of disappointment and regrets.

Fear of the unknown doesn’t have to prevent you from living your dreams.  You are in control and you are the only one who can overcome this fear. Act in spite of fears, choose to take a step forward when you know its time do so.

The fear will always be trying to come up with lies and stories… Like, “Why you should not make a move and how stupid you might look in front of the others” or “How your friends will reject you because you are not smart enough”. Sounds familiar?

Change is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. In order to become the best version of you, you must be pushing forward. Do not allow fearful thoughts to stop you from making a change in your life!

Creating new habits 

If you pay close attention you will soon realize that your daily life consists of habits. Take an inventory of your daily habits… Are they making you strong and powerful or do they make you feel guilty and shameful at the end of the day?

To change any habit,  first, you must become aware of the habit. Accept the responsibility of the past choices you made and promise yourself to adopt the new ones.

Do you hold on to some old habits that no longer serve you in your life?  Identify what is holding you back and start adopting a new habit.

Changing any habit takes time, be patient, and be kind to yourself.

Stop blaming and move on


Blaming circumstances or others for your misfortunes is not how you will achieve freedom and joy in life. Buying into this “blame game” is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t expect positive change in your life while you in the blaming mode! Accept responsibility for All circumstances in your life. Even if you can’t see “how you might have been responsible” for some of the events in your life.

You can blame and stay stuck in the rut or you can learn and move on!

Forgive yourself and others

Forgive… and you will be set free.

forgive and be free

Holding on to the old grudges can only create suffering and pain in your life. When you forgive,  you finally, release all the pain that was locked inside of you for decades.

Love is forgiving! It’s hard to love those, who did us wrong… Forgiving is an opportunity to practice unconditional love. Set yourself free from blame and hate, forgive yourself and others.

Forgiving is not to be in agreement with wrongdoing but choosing to love someone who made a bad choice. 

Life is full of choices and you choose every second of the day.

Choose to step out of your comfort zone, start creating new habits, stop the blame game, and forgive yourself and others.

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